The Club de Vuelo Libre el Peñon, A.C. (the “Club”) informs all paraglider and hang-glider pilots that it is STRICTLY FORBIDEN to land in the Airstrip (landing airstrip for small aircraft) located in the area of Fresno / Jovan and that the adjacent airspace to such Airstrip is a restricted area. The Club kindly requests all of its members and visiting pilots to respect such restriction in order to avoid accidents and negative consequences. Below is an aerial photograph showing the Airstrip for its easy identification.



The event will be run in general according to FAI Sporting code rules for paragliding

Cross country competitions.

*The event is restricted to certified gliders that we regard as Serial Class. EN D gliders and CCC certified gliders will be allowed.

*There will be a separate class for those who have minimal experience (Rookie's) and one for the Girls.

*There will be an overall winner of the competition. 

*There will also be winners, prizes and trophies based on glider class and teams.

*We will set the task and explain why we set it and how to do it.

*We show pilots the best way to go, where the thermals are, and where the difficult sections are.

*We stay on the same emergency channel, and us it for informing of CAT levels, and window times etc.

*We do a visual de-briefing at the base at night, using track logs on google earth or similar. that way the pilots see the winning routes and get an understanding of what to do in future.

*All pilots are welcome to join briefings and ask questions and contribute to the experts de-brief.

*We have seminars on XC, SIV and other useful subjects during bad weather or in the evening.

*It is all about inclusion and instruction, we have a few top guns but they must be helpful to others and there is no elitism or room for ego’s.

*The aim is to mentor sport pilots into XC and competition.

*The overal competition we will do it just like a giant XC course.


*We want to create a Fun, challenging, and inclusive flying environment.



Classes will be based on a combination of flat aspect ratio and EN certification.

Fun - EN B or below and AR equal to or less than 5.2

Recreation - EN B or below and AR equal to or less than 5.7, but greater than 5.2

Sport - EN C or below and AR equal to or less than 6.4, but greater than 5.7

X-Class - EN D and CCC certified gliders designed for PWC or below and AR greater than 6.3

The organisation retains the right to make a final decision on glider class.

xcglobeHello Pilots!

In el Peñon we are passionate about XC flying, therefore we invite you to our annual competition “XC Trophy El Peñon”. In this comp, your 5 best flights of the year, between August 15 and August 14 are taken into account.

Signing up is easy, create an account in XCGlobe: : and upload your flight tracks. XCGlobe accepts IGC format and verifies the G-Record.

Make sure to specify your team when signing up since there will be results for solo pilots and for teams. All flights taking off from El Peñon will be scored automagically. (Of course, the must be uploaded J)

The scoring system applies a handicap based on wing certification. Check out the rules at:

To view current results:



Fly safe, fly high, fly far!

Good flights


El Penon Starting FEE