Flight Tips

The flight to Divisadero is one of the most beautiful and imposing when you start to fly XC. You go to Maguey as previously described and then follow the S edge of the Mesa to the west. Before passing the gap between the Mesa and the last king of the Three Kings I recommend that you top out. The first time you go to Divisadero you will be calmer if you fly high, although due to the wind and the rocky formations on the way you can fly low and always work the slope. The landings look quite far but the slope is steep and you can get there without problem, as long as you don’t continue to scratch much below the rim before gliding out. 

On the last part of the ridge to reach the Divisadero (antenna) you must climb to pass over the spines. You can go low and around the lee sides of the last rocks but there is usually some convergence lift higher up and it’s much more relaxing. The most common return is to return by the same route to the Maguey and from there you can fly to Valle as described. Another route is to fly along the north face of the Mesa but it is seldom done because it does not always work and you must be very careful with the landings since the first part of the return by that route has the very low valley (Santo Tomás de los Plátanos) full of high tension cables and there is a part, before reaching the town of Cerro Gordo, that has no landings. If you completed the route congratulations on your first visit to Divisadero.

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