Flight Tips

The route towards Saucos is a typical one of the site. The difficulty is that in that direction the terrain goes up, so that although the day is good with high ceilings, you often lose height quickly in the transitions.

For this flight is also important to know the following geographic identifiers: Quintanilla, Saucos, Butterflies, as shown in the following photo:

Starting from Sacamecate (see above for getting there, you must get as high as possible and look for the convergence. You can reach Saucos by two routes: the first is to fly through the hills that are on the right (S) side of the Quintanilla house valley (looking at Saucos from Sacamecate), it usually works but it is not the most direct route and when the hills end you have flat terrain with few thermals near Mesa Dolores.

If you have enough height to reach the top of the ridge that extends to the right (SSW) from the Butterflies, you’ll likely be able to follow it all the way there.

BEWARE of the fields that are below and just before the Butterflies because they are plantations of Christmas trees They look like good fields but there are stumps and scraps.

The other route is to take the hills that are on the left side of the Quintanilla, there are high voltage cables that usually give off a thermal and if you climb well you can fly towards Saucos without problem or take some climbs along the way in that direction. There are often several. In Saucos there are several thermal sources but the safest ones are the hills on the left (N) side. If you climb well there you can go right to the Butterflies. The return is usually complicated even though the terrain goes down because you have a headwind. Normally if you take good height to cross the Jovan Valley you can throw yourself to the Dump, Sacamecate or San Agustín and with that you mount back to the convergence and fly to Valle. If you managed to visit the butterflies, congratulations!!!

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