Club Rules & Fees



Club de Vuelo Libre el Peñon

The Club de Vuelo Libre el Peñon, A.C. (the “Club”) is an organization of pilots for the lease and management of the access, take-off and landing (Piano) of the Peñon flying site. Following are the local rules applying to our flying site, which are mandatory to all users.

1. Club Fees. Payment of Club fees is mandatory. Pay at: Fees are required to lease and maintain the take-off and landing; pilots without payment are not allowed to fly.

2. Thermal Turns. On odd days the thermal turn is LEFT (days 1,3,5,7 etc.). On even days the thermal turn is RIGHT (days 2,4,6,8 etc.). This applies at the following flying areas: Take-off, Peñon, The Wall, G-Spot, and Espina.

3. Traffic Rules. Standard traffic rules apply. [Fig 1.]

4. Landing at Piano. Standard "U-Turn Landing" rules apply at the LZ in Piano. [Fig. 2.]

5. Garbage. Do not litter. Respect the Club sites and nature.

6. Parking. Avoid parking near the launch; as this area is used for HG and PG preparation zone.

7. WC Facilities. WC is only open during XC season. Don't use WC water for ballast.

8. Responsibility. Each pilot is responsible for their own flight.
See disclaimer and use of site at

9. Landing Clearance. After landing in the LZ at Piano both Pilot and Equipment must immediately clear the landing area to allow incoming gliders to land. The area for packing gliders is the south-east corner.  

For XC classic routes and overview of dangerous areas see

For rescue following a tree landing you may contact Puntas de Lanza at 722 3574122. Each Pilot must pay its rescue costs (20% discount for pilots with Club fee paid).