Important numbers


General Information 040 ª
Police (México, D. F.) 061
Red Cross / First Aid 065 o +52(55)5557-5757
Emergencies 066
Firefighters 068 o +52(55)5768-3700
Police (Emergency) 080
Setravi +52(55)5209-9913
Civil Protection +52(55)5683-2222


PUNTAS DE LANZA  is a private rescue team that assists pilots in distress situations such as tree landings and non life threatening  situations. In case of contacting Puntas de Lanzas, the pilot is submitted to pay the rescue costs for themselves or/and their flying equipment. Prices are subjected to the criteria of the rescue party and the Club does not take responsability in such events.


In case of a LIFE THREATENING situation please contact the local Club members through these email:


Números de Emergencia (Puntas de Lanza Rescue Team)

Luis Humberto    -    7223574122

Mario González   -    7225477133

Julio Reyes          -    7225493791