XC Trophy El Peñon


Hello Pilots!

In el Peñon we are passionate about XC flying, therefore we invite you to our annual competition “XC Trophy El Peñon”. In this comp, your 5 best flights of the year, between August 15 and August 14 are taken into account.

Signing up is easy, create an account in XCGlobe: : http://xcglobe.com/olc/index.php/user/register and upload your flight tracks. XCGlobe accepts IGC format and verifies the G-Record.

Make sure to specify your team when signing up since there will be results for solo pilots and for teams. All flights taking off from El Peñon will be scored automagically. (Of course, the must be uploaded J)

The scoring system applies a handicap based on wing certification. Check out the rules at:


To view current results:

Solo: http://xcglobe.com/olc/index.php/competition/board/trophyel?year=2016&tab=solo

Teams: http://xcglobe.com/olc/index.php/competition/board/trophyel?year=2016&tab=team

Fly safe, fly high, fly far!

Good flights