We´re pleased to welcome you to El Peñón de Temascaltepec!

Either if this is your first time here or you are visiting us again as one of our annual regulars, we´re glad we can share our skies with you and fly together.
Take in consideration that conditions at area can become very strong and only manageable by experienced pilots during the dry season (November-May) specially between 12:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs. That is why during the Season (November – February) we strongly encourage pilots to hire a registered guide, we will give those who do that a 30% discount.


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Emergency Contact

In order to be admitted into a private hospital in Mexico, it is necessary to have someone with a valid credit card sign and accept the possible charges, that is why we recommend you to provide an emergency contact in the country, who may be able if needed to assist you in this matter.


Chose the type of hospital you would prefer to be taken in case of an emergency. This would apply if you are not conscious at the moment.

Required documents

El Peñon is a rough site with a lot of traffic on the season, that is why we recommend you to hire an authorized guide. We will give 30% discount to everyone who hires a guide. To fly as an independent pilot without a guide on the season it is necessary to have at least a P4/H4+ or equivalent license. If you don´t have a license but are used to rough sites, have been flying for many years and flew at least 70 hours last year, you can fill an application and we will review it. Affiliates to a National Club will also have a discount.
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